Videogame Projects     

Rise of the Valkyrie (2014)

As Game Designer

This game was part of the contest organized by GameJolt named Indies vs. PewDiePie. Made in 72h, I worked closely with 3 other strangers to create a playable and fun game. We finished in 13th place out of 760+ other games.

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Exo (2015)

As Game Designer/Story Planner/Writer

This game was created for a national-level gamejam named BananaJam in which we had to pick a game idea from a number of ideas that were tweeted with the BananaJam Hashtag during the month of February. From there we had 2 months to come up with a game that would accomplish the chosen Twitter pitch. I worked with the team from Rise of the Valkyrie again, due to my previous amazing experience with them.

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Youtubers vs. The World (2015)

As Game Designer

I once again joined forces with my buddies at SpikeJap Studios to create another game for a GameJam. This time we took on the Indies vs. Gamers jam and created what we thought was a pretty fun, even if simple, game. Although I felt like this was the best of our efforts so far, we ended up with a pretty mediocre final position on the Jam.

The Room (2016)


After taking a small hiatus from game development for a while, I decided to return with a challenge for myself by entering a GameJam as a solo developer. For this purpose I chose the Asylum Jam 2016. My objective was not to actually place in a certain position by the end, but just code an entire game from start to finish by myself, no matter how small and simple it may be. As a vessel of my ideas, I opted to create a Visual Novel coded in the highly flexible Ren'Py engine.

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Unfinished Videogame Projects     

Orion's Belt 2.0 (2009, Browser Game)


This was the first project I took up as a Writer during my early years on my Bachelor's Degree. I was tasked with creating the lore for the re-launch into version 2.0 of a Portuguese browser game called Orion's Belt. Unfortunately, University responsibilities took over and I had to stop working on this project. I named the races and made their bios that were used until the game went under.

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Other Videogame Participations     

Angry Dogs Jump (2010)

As Consultant Designer

This game is probably the project I worked on that I keep the worse memories of, in terms of how work went. Initially brought on to actually design the game, quickly I realized the other member of the team, was probably not gonna take my feedback and ideas and just run with what he felt like, which was a exact clone of Doodle Jump. Still, I learnt a lot about how to properly communicate with a team and how to manage a project, which helped me in my future gaming related endeavours.

Videogame Articles/Essays     

My Blog

This is my personal blog, where I blog about various things from game development to treding topics in the world of gaming. This is also where I posted a lot of information about ongoing projects when I was working earlier in a two-man team that unfortunately never finished any game.

Contributor at

This is an archive of all my personal contributions at the website, mostly as an op-ed (opinion-editorials) writer weighing in on various gaming and hacking issues as well as trying to help the community with tutorials.

Non-Gaming Projects     

"O ResGato": Animal Protection Short Movie


This was a short movie filmed for my Cinema Theory class that was made along with three other friends (and class coleagues). Although one of us had a more directorial role, due to his previous experience in film, the other two of us did the majority of the acting work. We did pitch a few ideas for the overall story, but acting was our major role in this project.

Other Stuff     

Bethesda Application: Quest Script Example


In my own words, this is "a small excerpt of a quest, based on dialogue with NPC’s. I am doing this based on the dialogue system from Fallout 3 and The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, but I am going for a more Fallout-based style dialog, in a more Oblivion-like setting."


Creative Writing Samples


In this section you will be able to find some sample of my writing that I did for my Creative Writing subject during my Bachelor's Degree


Misc. Work


This section is dedicated to works I've done within the videogame industry that never went anywhere for one reason or another.