My name is Nuno Ferreira and I'm a long-time videogame fan who aspires to be a game writer/designer. I love writing and designing (mostly writing) world with compelling characters and rich lores. I also happen to be Portuguese.

Linguistic Skills

I speak fluent Portuguese and English. I can also speak a little French.


Processing (Java), Scratch, Lua, HTML, XML, Markdown and some CSS. I have also dabbled in C++ and C#.


Game Engines

Unity3D, Game Maker Studio, Ren'Py

Programming Tools

Visual Studio, Eclipse, Notepad++

Modding Tools

Neverwinter Aurora Toolset, Neverwinter 2 Electron Toolset, Warcraft 3 Editor, RPG Maker.


GIMP,, MS Office Suite, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Audacity, Filezilla.

Operating Systems

Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Android and iOS.

Personal Skills

  • Quick learning and adaptation skills. I have no problems in adapting myself to new environments or cultures or having to learn something fast
  • Led small teams before, in gaming and other ventures, organizing and coordenating team members, which in some cases were in different countries
  • I am very focused and passionate about what I do, I always give 100% when working and I will always try and deliver the best material possible
  • Can easily take criticism and will work on my flaws to make myself better
  • I have hitchhiked through Europe in the past for a month a half, crossing five countries

  • Education

    Instituto de Letras e Ciências Humanas da Universidade do Minho

    Línguas e Literaturas Europeias (European Literature and Languages)

    2006 - 2011

    • I learned and practised creative writing in English at a higher level
    • I solidified my English writing and speaking skills
    • I studied some of the best authors in classic literature to help me understand how to better write characters and stories
    • I also got to dabble with web design later in the degree
    • I also practised my skills as a translator

    Instituto de Ciências Sociais da Universidade do Minho

    Pós-Graduação em Média Interactivos (Post-grad Degree in Interactive Media)

    2013 - 2015

    • I learned the basics and principles of good game design
    • I also learned about the many other divisions that compose game development, such as the basics of sound design, lighter programming languages and competent UI design
    • I worked in organizing an event to teach me the basics of entrepreneurship
    • I helped produce a short silent movie to help me better my storytelling skills


    Independent Projects (2016)

    Games: The Room

    Duties: Everything

    • Created the game solo for a GameJam
    • Concepted the setting and characters while sticking to the contest restrictions
    • Coded the game in 72h

    SpikeJap Studio (2014 - 2015)

    Games: Rise of the Valkyrie, Exo and Youtubers vs. The World

    Duties: Designer/Writer/Planner

    • I designed the main brunt of the games
    • I helped design the characters and settings of the games
    • Helped with the communication and organization of the team
    • Concepted and wrote the stories for the games

    Infused Dreams (2010)

    Games: Angry Dogs Jump/Draw

    Duties: Consultant Designer

    • I mostly advised in how to try and make this game different from Doodle Jump

    Independent Game Development Team (2010)

    Games: Orion's Belt 2.0

    Duties: Writer

    • Created the backstory for the three playable races in the game
    • Helped merge the guilds and factions created in the first version by players into lore for the second game

    Other Experiences

    Microsoft GameDev Camp (2014)

    • I participated in a Microsoft-sponsored promoting independent developers and their work, with workshops for aspiring indie developers to get better at their trade.

    romã (2014)

    • I was a part of the organization of a small-scale stop motion movie festival in Braga, Portugal. I was tasked with the negotiations of finding a place for the event. (2009-2011)

    Duties: Writer

    • I have reviewed some retro games and written articles on gaming related themes over the period of two years.

    1st European Literature and Languages Forum (2009)

    • I was part of the organization of the first ever forum for my course in University, which was rather new at the time. My main duty was to be in the room and make sure the sound system worked without an hitch, but I also helped with catering and other small tasks.

    Member of the Student Association (2001-2003)

    • I was pretty much the only active member of the students association for the period of 2 years. During my tenure I did a lot of stuff to help makes the lives of my fellow students a little better, from giving them a small room where they could use computers and play board/card games at will. I also signed a few documents that the high school's headmaster needed the approval of the Student's Association needed for small things such as changing the high school's name.